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Samantha Today I am so excited to tell you about Samantha Fox. What an inspiration for how we can all take care of our bodies in a healthy and soulful way...
Samantha Fox Olson from @KauaiYogaAndFitnessWith Samantha Fox Olson encourages people of all shapes, sizes and ability into a greater potential within themselves, lifting up their spirits and their backsides, with the vehicles of yoga and fitness!

Her clientele ranges from elders with great limitations in their bodies to high profile celebrities known for their rocking’ bodies. She makes fitness infectious and in just one week her online clients receive mind-blowing results in their lives!

She recently offered a free 2 week online yoga and fitness challenge. Here are just a few of the countless testimonies that were shared:
Jocelyn, “As usual, just overjoyed when I am in practice with Samantha! Life just seems to meet me there each time, it’s unbelievable. I am a chronic myofascial pain sufferer. I have herniated disc’s in each region, cervical, thoracic and lumbar. This is what the Doctor ordered! I’ve suffered for years, I mean years. Samantha, you my new friend, are a God send, my angel. Today’s was magnificent. I was in a crisis last evening because of the weather changes here in the Carolinas. Everything about today’s practice was what I needed. I’ve learned how to stay bouyant allowing my body to somehow sync itself, it’s crazy! !! I know my body is thankful and is healing! I’m in this for the long haul. So excited to have an opportunity to go into my year, 2014 with Samantha Olson and other participants!”

Sigourney: “Thank you so much for this two weeks! I have woken up every morning excited to do my yoga and fitness with you! I have loved it and gained so much emotional spiritual and physical strength with you! I don’t want this to end!”
Melissa: “It’s amazing how great I feel after just a couple workouts.”
Lauren: “I love this challenge! Taking this challenge on has reinvigorated my whole life already!”

Samantha has just launched a brand new online yoga and fitness website where you can train with her from the comfort of your own home! Register for a free week trial today at

Inquire with Samantha about her VHB (very happy bodies) private support group too and catapult your body and life into joyful places in 2014!