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Dori I’m so excited to share with you Dori Decarlo. Remember the radio show I was on? She is the Host!! You’ve got to read her exciting story…..

 My story – how do I write my story…?
 Well, I was born a mom, I truly was. Growing up all I ever wanted was to get married and have babies. I know it seems funny now, but it is true. My three children are the most  precious miracles in my life and everything I am is wrapped up in them and, hopefully, they will soar higher than I have ever dreamed.

I did things the right way, I got married and started having a family, but my husband and I just didn’t bring out the best in each other, and divorced when our children were 6, 4 and 2! Having been a  stay at home mom while I was married, I did everything I could to be home with them. I waited on tables, did home health care so I could bring my daughter to work with me, cleaned an office at 5am when the kids slept at their dads and more, all so I could be at home with the children I dreamed of having.

As they grew, I was waiting on tables down the street from our home and 5 weeks before my 35th birthday I had a nightmare about being an 80 year old waitress, with a bee-hive hairdo and corrective shoes asking, “Do you want coffee with your scone daaaaling?” That very morning I gave my 2-weeks notice and my boss asked what I was going to do and I said, “I’m going to start a marketing company” and my life as a Mompreneur began!

In the beginning I designed collateral materials and wrote copy for websites (when we were working on a dial-up) and helped companies redefine their business model and strategies. It was interesting and exciting and gave me a wealth of experience in helping others shape their business. Then Columbine happened, and my Pastor had a call to discipleship and asked, “If you had a calling to make a difference in the lives of people you would never even know, could you risk everything to do it?” Well, I went home and began designing a line of clear bags and backpacks to keep guns and drugs out of schools and took the down payment I had saved for a house to start my business. DON’T EVER DO THAT!!!!
Buy the house, because then you have collateral – my kids are priceless to me – but banks don’t find any value in them! LOL

Safety First Bags – S1 for short – began and was growing at an amazing rate as I raised my kids. We were out of debt and getting ready to hit the world-wide arena when our factory made a mistake on a custom order I did that had nothing to do with our company – and it cost us $131,000.00 to fix. Yes that number is correct and it left us with $2000.00 in the bank and an empty warehouse! So…I earned my Ph,D in business so to speak, and picked myself up and put the company on the back shelf so we could regroup.

As this was going on, I was very active on social media, especially Twitter and met Linda Alexander and Debbie Barth and we started broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio with a show called, “The Three Wise Girls” and my radio days began. We shared all kinds of people and topics and I decided to do a 2-part segment on Mompreneurs, featuring some of the women I met on Twitter and after the second part, Linda called me and said I had found a niche and should do a show for women – and that is how Word of Mom Radio began…and the rest…as they say…is history!

Word of Mom Radio has given me the opportunity to share amazing Mompreneurs and business women building their businesses as they raise their families and support and encourage them in everything they do. I know what it is to have your family say, “When are you going to get a real job” and all the other “comforting” things to dissuade you from building your business, and I wanted to create a place to give women a voice and empower them as they make their dreams into reality.

The PS to the story is that we are rebranding our company, my children are now 26, 24 and 21 – on their own and I have been on the road with my radio show. We have gone from my show, The Mompreneur Model to 6 other shows: Social Media Help Not Hype, Managing Mompreneur Mayhem, Productive Play, Branding Beyond Blogging, and our Advocacy Alley – and have just created The Word of Mom Network by partnering with Empowered Woman Magazine and Radio – which will also be broadcasting under the “Word of Mom Radio” umbrella…so the dream continues to unfold. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would happen…all I was trying to do was give women a voice and we have now become a chorus!

Never forget that wonderful can happen when you least expect it and that you create your dreams one moment at a time…so dream on, my friends.

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