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DeannaWhat a beautiful woman and inspiration. Deanna Waters. Be sure to checkout her exercise videos on youtube.

“It’s so easy to define ourselves by our business involvements, but of course that isn’t the whole story. Let me just begin by saying that I have enjoyed an incredible career in the communications field, as editor of a business magazine, been a television producer/director of a children’s program, director of communications and marketing for our city’s economic development corporation and I taught evening classes in business communications at our local college. 

Now, together with my husband David, we are one of the top earners in an international network marketing business and have traveled to various countries on speaking tours. It all seems like a miracle, when I think of my upbringing, constantly dealing with a brave mother who had mental health issues. This caused me to escape the home as much as possible for sports and music activities, looking for acceptance and love on stage or on the track. 

On the upside, that meant I became an achiever and also very aware that people are often fighting challenges behind the scenes and they need our patience and encouragement. I finally found my inner strength when the musical director of a national television program asked me to write lyrics for his show, called Hymn Sing. He figured that since I was a writer and sang in a choir, that would be a natural gift. However, I actually had no faith of my own. What was said from the church pulpit meant nothing to me personally.

I had come to a point of deep discouragement with myself and really didn’t know how I could go on living without an intervention by God, who was really a stranger to me at that time. My pastor just told me to “try harder” and where do you go from there? I picked up a book I had gotten from the church library but hadn’t bothered to read. It opened at the exact place where it directed me how to ask God for forgiveness and to invite the Lord Jesus Christ to take over control and to be my Lord and Savior.

As I read that, I was hit with a feeling like a bolt of lightening, but filled with love, from the top of my head throughout my body. As I prayed that prayer, I knew I was forgiven and that the very power of Christ was now with me. Like a neon sign, a vision of the words, Matthew 27:26 appeared and a voice that said, “I died in your place.” (That’s where the notorious Barabbas was released and Jesus went to the cross instead.) I knew that I didn’t deserve forgiveness, but Christ died that I could have a new life with His resources to be a better person. I often felt inspired by the Holy Spirit in the writing of the lyrics and later in writing and directing a Christian children’s television program for seven years, called “Follow Me”.

I marvel at how Jesus works so individually in each one of us. Each one is precious to Him. Should we fail and fall away in some way, He is ready to pick us up, forgive and empower us to live a better life. I am humbled and so thankful for His amazing love. I went on to write 100 sets of lyrics, all published, recorded and performed on national television. This is the creativity of God. Through the experience of having to learn about God and Jesus Christ, and also having a personal challenge to face, I had a dramatic encounter with Jesus, and surrendered my life to Him. That was totally life-changing.
To this day, I still have high expectations for myself, but they no longer require others to affirm me, and I am much more dedicated to make a real difference in the lives of people God puts in my path, whether for just a short conversation, or for a longer relationship. It’s an exciting journey. I am committed to help people make healthier choices in their lives in their diets, supplements and exercise, and at the same time, for those who would like to develop another stream of income, I love to coach them to believe in themselves and to recognize the gifts they have been given, to help others and in the process build a strong source of residual income.

I invite you to visit my blog and my website, should you know anyone who is searching for what I offer. God bless you in all you are doing to bless others in this short journey on earth! and

Deanna Waters – Be Empowered. Create the Life You Really Want….