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May I love meeting the most amazing and inspiring women. Today let me introduce you to Carol Streit…

Hi, I’m Carol Streit. Growing up in the Midwest, I lived near a rural town with a population of approximately 500 people. After high school I pursued a career in medicine, helped raise three sons, and spent 30+ years working in corporate America.

Life hasn’t always been easy. I endured my mom’s long battle with breast cancer that began when I was in grade school, and my dad’s illness with heart disease. I supported myself through divorce and single life. While in my 50s, I went back to college, and learned how to date again, something that I hadn’t done for approximately 40 years. My soul mate showed up when I least expected it. We were married two years later.

Life was ticking along rather uneventfully until August 16, 2008, our wedding day. 

My mother, who had died in 1980, appeared at my wedding as a spirit, channeled through my sister-in-law, Karen. It’s sort of like having Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, in the family because Karen is also a medium who communicates with spirits. Mom had come to let me know she’d been with me throughout my life, through the good and the bad. Karen shared information from my mother that no one else would have known.

That day changed my life. Karen’s connection with my mom taught me that there is a spiritual world out there that we can easily tap into if we are willing. I had always had a deep connection to God but this opened the door to a new consciousness. 

These past years led me on a spiritual journey that has transformed my life from living an ego-centered life to living a soul-centered life, finding peace and love within myself.

I began reading every book I could find on the power of intention and connecting with angels. I learned that our thoughts and words are energy that form our lives. I learned to set intentions for the things I wanted in my life. Those things started to manifest, one after the other.

Then in April 2011 while I was away at a medical conference I woke up in the middle of the night with this burning desire to write. I had no clue what I was writing but knew that the process was Divinely inspired. My writing experience would continue most nights for a year.

Eventually the late night writing stopped and in its place came ideas for an entrepreneurial business. I would still wake up several times a night but I could tell that my focus was now on developing a business. (When I had set an intention to be an entrepreneur, little did I know that it would manifest before my eyes.)

My life became easier when I learned to surrender the outcome to the Universe. People came into my life at the most perfect time. The drama in my life subsided and in its place came peace and joy. Fear was replaced with courage. When I implemented all the principles I had learned my life became magical.

To this day it brings tears to my eyes to think of the journey I have been on. I was given this gift that I am to share with the world. My purpose is to share my knowledge and to help others see their true potential while spreading love and peace in the world.

Today I’m an intuitive life coach that empowers women to find their voice, bliss, and life purpose. I have developed 44 specific Intention Pages that I use as manifesting tools to help manifest your most perfect life. Intention Pages are magical.

I’m excited to share with you an in-depth transformational program that is starting soon. This three month coaching program has not been announced before today. This program will teach the principles that I learned when I transformed my life. Once we lay the foundation for your life we will then work on bringing more prosperity, peace, and love into your life.

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If you are ready to connect with your higher calling and determine what you are meant to be, whom you are meant to serve and what you are meant to create, contact me for details. This magical life is just waiting for you to unlock. All you need is a little help. I would love to start this adventure together.

For a FREE 15 minute strategy call to discuss your transformation, email me to schedule your appointment.

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