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I was sitting on my patio, relaxing after a long day of working at my computer and helping out an old friend.  The back wall of my yard faces a road and sidewalk, so people out on their evening walk can look over the wall and see me. It kinda reminds me of the old days when people sat on their porches and watched people go by. (It’s too bad we don’t do more of that)

I raised my Waterford goblet to ‘toast’ them as I said hello.  It was two women and one said, “oh, you’re having a glass of wine” as she smiled, maybe thinking about her own ‘happy hour’ coming up.

I smiled and said, “it’s champagne!”

The other one, without missing a beat, said, “Congratulations!! You must be celebrating something.” They both giggled a little and kept moving.

I sat there thinking, ‘Yes, I’m celebrating. I’m celebrating life. I’m celebrating this very moment. I’m celebrating because I’m here, just being me, and I’m happy with that.”

This is not about drinking, (but if you’re going to, I recommend champagne!)  It’s about the ‘idea’ of champagne and how it changes the mood, instantly!  How just thinking about it makes us think about celebrating.

It’s about how we can find something, every day, that’s worth celebrating. (any excuse to bring out the pretty glasses) The small moments in life, that add up.

So many of us keep looking for the Big Moments – the milestones, the blockbusters.  And yes, those are wonderful too.  But if we can notice the little things – the new grass, freshly fallen snow, a child’s giggle, your husband remembering to take the Kleenex out of his pocket before putting it in the laundry.  (Do you see how there’s a lot to get excited about?!)

But sometimes we get caught up in living the day-to-day routine and forget to stop and enjoy the moments. Then we feel stuck and even a little frustrated because the days are slipping passed. I know, I was feeling that way too. But I changed some things in my life, and shifted how I look at my life as a whole.

Now, I look for any excuse to lift my energy, any small tidbit in my day that can bring a smile, and any excuse to pop open some bubbly, say “woohoo” and make a toast to life.

Hope this inspires you to notice the moments, and celebrate!



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