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Friday Fabulous Female Carol Streit

Friday Fabulous Female Carol Streit

May I love meeting the most amazing and inspiring women. Today let me introduce you to Carol Streit…

Hi, I’m Carol Streit. Growing up in the Midwest, I lived near a rural town with a population of approximately 500 people. After high school I pursued a career in medicine, helped raise three sons, and spent 30+ years working in corporate America.

Life hasn’t always been easy. I endured my mom’s long battle with breast cancer that began when I was in grade school, and my dad’s illness with heart disease. I supported myself through divorce and single life. While in my 50s, I went back to college, and learned how to date again, something that I hadn’t done for approximately 40 years. My soul mate showed up when I least expected it. We were married two years later.

Life was ticking along rather uneventfully until August 16, 2008, our wedding day. 

My mother, who had died in 1980, appeared at my wedding as a spirit, channeled through my sister-in-law, Karen. It’s sort of like having Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, in the family because Karen is also a medium who communicates with spirits. Mom had come to let me know she’d been with me throughout my life, through the good and the bad. Karen shared information from my mother that no one else would have known.

That day changed my life. Karen’s connection with my mom taught me that there is a spiritual world out there that we can easily tap into if we are willing. I had always had a deep connection to God but this opened the door to a new consciousness. 

These past years led me on a spiritual journey that has transformed my life from living an ego-centered life to living a soul-centered life, finding peace and love within myself.

I began reading every book I could find on the power of intention and connecting with angels. I learned that our thoughts and words are energy that form our lives. I learned to set intentions for the things I wanted in my life. Those things started to manifest, one after the other.

Then in April 2011 while I was away at a medical conference I woke up in the middle of the night with this burning desire to write. I had no clue what I was writing but knew that the process was Divinely inspired. My writing experience would continue most nights for a year.

Eventually the late night writing stopped and in its place came ideas for an entrepreneurial business. I would still wake up several times a night but I could tell that my focus was now on developing a business. (When I had set an intention to be an entrepreneur, little did I know that it would manifest before my eyes.)

My life became easier when I learned to surrender the outcome to the Universe. People came into my life at the most perfect time. The drama in my life subsided and in its place came peace and joy. Fear was replaced with courage. When I implemented all the principles I had learned my life became magical.

To this day it brings tears to my eyes to think of the journey I have been on. I was given this gift that I am to share with the world. My purpose is to share my knowledge and to help others see their true potential while spreading love and peace in the world.

Today I’m an intuitive life coach that empowers women to find their voice, bliss, and life purpose. I have developed 44 specific Intention Pages that I use as manifesting tools to help manifest your most perfect life. Intention Pages are magical.

I’m excited to share with you an in-depth transformational program that is starting soon. This three month coaching program has not been announced before today. This program will teach the principles that I learned when I transformed my life. Once we lay the foundation for your life we will then work on bringing more prosperity, peace, and love into your life.

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If you are ready to connect with your higher calling and determine what you are meant to be, whom you are meant to serve and what you are meant to create, contact me for details. This magical life is just waiting for you to unlock. All you need is a little help. I would love to start this adventure together.

For a FREE 15 minute strategy call to discuss your transformation, email me to schedule your appointment.

Contact me:




Twitter: @growingovaries



Samantha Today I am so excited to tell you about Samantha Fox. What an inspiration for how we can all take care of our bodies in a healthy and soulful way...
Samantha Fox Olson from @KauaiYogaAndFitnessWith Samantha Fox Olson encourages people of all shapes, sizes and ability into a greater potential within themselves, lifting up their spirits and their backsides, with the vehicles of yoga and fitness!

Her clientele ranges from elders with great limitations in their bodies to high profile celebrities known for their rocking’ bodies. She makes fitness infectious and in just one week her online clients receive mind-blowing results in their lives!

She recently offered a free 2 week online yoga and fitness challenge. Here are just a few of the countless testimonies that were shared:
Jocelyn, “As usual, just overjoyed when I am in practice with Samantha! Life just seems to meet me there each time, it’s unbelievable. I am a chronic myofascial pain sufferer. I have herniated disc’s in each region, cervical, thoracic and lumbar. This is what the Doctor ordered! I’ve suffered for years, I mean years. Samantha, you my new friend, are a God send, my angel. Today’s was magnificent. I was in a crisis last evening because of the weather changes here in the Carolinas. Everything about today’s practice was what I needed. I’ve learned how to stay bouyant allowing my body to somehow sync itself, it’s crazy! !! I know my body is thankful and is healing! I’m in this for the long haul. So excited to have an opportunity to go into my year, 2014 with Samantha Olson and other participants!”

Sigourney: “Thank you so much for this two weeks! I have woken up every morning excited to do my yoga and fitness with you! I have loved it and gained so much emotional spiritual and physical strength with you! I don’t want this to end!”
Melissa: “It’s amazing how great I feel after just a couple workouts.”
Lauren: “I love this challenge! Taking this challenge on has reinvigorated my whole life already!”

Samantha has just launched a brand new online yoga and fitness website where you can train with her from the comfort of your own home! Register for a free week trial today at

Inquire with Samantha about her VHB (very happy bodies) private support group too and catapult your body and life into joyful places in 2014!



CarynChowToday’s story is from Caryn Chow.

Being a mom is the greatest blessing in the world, but as a young single mom at 21 I found myself putting my dreams on hold, often working two back-to-back jobs to make ends meet. It didn’t help that as a person living inside her head for decades I had to separate my own demons from the raising of my child. When you grow up within the confines of a dysfunctional family structure and at 21 hadn’t yet learned how to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, there is something that whispers to you that says, “whatever is going on inside, you have a responsibility for protecting your child.” There was no bargaining – I knew that I had to be the best mom I knew how to be. What I didn’t realize is that my son, and his mere existence, was really MY protector.

The internal struggles never stopped but I hid it well. I had alter egos cover for me. I learned to hide behind the façade of a happy person and how to act the part of any role I had to play. The only times I was truly happy was in the role of mom.

Years later, when my son entered junior high I began to dabble in theatre, something I’d begun as a young child until I followed my mother’s footsteps and married at 19. (That was an entirely different generation, where opportunities for women were scarce and culture played a part. Whereas the females were expected to marry young and become secretaries, the males were encouraged to continue on to college.) Getting out there, getting my feet wet, auditioning, doing readings, and taking acting/speech/voice lessons were a means of escaping the hell cell in which I still allowed myself to be imprisoned. After awhile, when I came to accept that jobs for Asian actors were few and far between, I opted to become an entrepreneur in my 30’s and float away from my love of acting. I began to view it as superficial, which in hindsight was just another excuse for not following through… and quitting on things before they had a chance to blossom.

While I was having fun finding myself, my son was growing up into an amazing young man. To say he was my pride and joy is an understatement. People were always coming up to me to congratulate me on having such an amazing, polite, thoughtful, respectful, charming, talented son. For once I had done something right. For once a dream of mine came true!

Aside from that, I lacked passion for all else.

I knew that I did not want to go back to corporate America full time because I had always resisted working for someone else. Something in the idea went against my psyche and messed with my free-spiritedness. In fact, I’m sure I seemed flighty to everyone who knew me, and knowing that did little to boost my esteem. If I felt judged I turned around and judged myself even more. Sure, there were glimpses of hope – even brilliance, for when I resolved to be great at something, or when I declared a job or a gig to be mine and claimed it with passion and zest. But those moments were short-lived until my insecurities kicked in again. I felt undeserving and afraid of everything – of being judged, of being the caged “me” I never had a chance to meet, of being alone with my thoughts, and fear love, happiness, success, and even fear itself. To walk into a room full of intelligent people was a fear worse than death.

As for that free-spiritedness? I recognize now the years of living within fostered a profound lust of freedom. It infiltrates even my personal life, which is why I love to fly planes. Flying planes, like entrepreneurship, is a metaphor for freedom and there is no feeling in the world quite like it. Still, it had it’s time and place….

After roller coaster years of teeter-tottering from opportunity to opportunity, returning always to self-sabotage, I finally realized that it wasn’t my outside life – or even my habits – that caused this turmoil. It wasn’t the work that needed me – it was me who needed the work. And I had gotten to the point of being tired of being a shell instead of just “being”. That’s when it happened…

My transformation.

Today I live an abundant and fulfilling life, with gratitude leading the way, peace grounding me, and the breath of life keeping me company throughout the day. I can’t be anything BUT happy, knowing that I am doing what I love, loving what I do, and making a difference. Like a wheel whose spokes have melted away leaving only the shiny metal gleaming, my life has come full circle, leaving only memories of good experiences. But here’s the best part. Just when you learn to leave your past behind, your present comes chasing you. Today I not only get to help celebrities, entrepreneurs and small business owners communicate, connect, and create a platform to position and leverage themselves to shine as leaders in their industry, I added a public speaking performance dynamics training borrowing from principles of acting. That’s full circle.

If you truly teach what you know, let me just say I know a LOT about communicating, connecting and creating. I just do it on the outside now.

And I thank God that my son has turned out to be the most level-headed, well-adjusted person I know. With a healthy self-esteem, he is super talented and damn smart. It’s an amazing feeling when you can say that your child is not only smarter than you, he is living life out loud and living his dream. 

Connect with Caryn at:

Friday Fabulous Female Moira Sutton

Friday Fabulous Female Moira Sutton

moiraToday I’d love to introduce to you Moira Sutton. She is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Mentor and Visionary. 

Moira Sutton: I know that in life, there is no limitation to what you want to achieve. At my core level I am a teacher. I am passionate about helping others succeed and see the greatness within themselves and others. I take all of my training to the teacher level or top level.

The first KEY for me was to make the decision to say ‘yes’ to powerfully, with inspired action, create the life of my dreams.

My mission and vision is to inspire and empower the millions of heart centered women around the world to boldly step into the highest expression of who they really are and connect to their passion, soul purpose and prosperity, so they can “BE, DO, HAVE” more and share their unique gifts in the world and make a difference doing what they love! I believe that we each have unique talents, a unique purpose that only WE can share with the world.

Now, I have not always been there…I have had my own challenges, years with my unique message and purpose and not trained in marketing and sales, so did not reach the women I wanted to work with. I hit a lot of walls both financially and emotionally and wondered if it would of been better to stay in the safe job, even if it didn’t speak to me. As the years went by I added more skills, training and created more products and services that were great for my clients.

I read the ads, you know the ones,
“Have you ever felt stuck, at a cross roads in life, overwhelmed, in debt, over-weight, unhappy, lost, disconnected and just surviving? You lay awake at night worried about finances, relationships, health and family.”

They were real to me because I could relate. I asked myself, how can I move out of this pain and move into a life of thriving and purposeful living to my full potential?

The answer to this question came with the Success Breakthrough Formula™. As a heart centered woman I discovered how to help women like me blast through their self-imposed limitations and beliefs and create positive lasting change – so they could attract more abundance, love, joy and fulfillment for themselves.

Let me share one very fork in the road that is very personal to me. Forks in the road can be fun if you come from a place of adventure, curiosity and excitement! I created “Quest Healing” and trained for many years in a variety of modalities and alternative healing fields.

In my work as a Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master, I brought my gifts as an intuitive back into my work. When I was a young girl, I felt spirit and this scared me. I had no one at the time to really share my experiences and my family thought I was only imagining this. Well, not the case! I was also told not to share this information with others that I could see, feel and hear spirit. Too weird and unusual and my parents felt that others would think I was a bit crazy!

Because of this, I bought into a FEAR based view around this area and decided to play safe around the ‘spirit’ experiences I had until much later in my life, when I fully embraced my intuitive gift and integrated this into my life and business.

One of my clients, who was in her 70’s, attended my workshop on healing. She had lost her husband and had a sense that he was still very close to her. Throughout the workshop her husband would literally pop in and out of the workshop with jokes and he was always smiling, laughing and definitely around her. I shared with her that he must of been a very funny man, spontaneous and not only loved her fully when he was alive in the physical body, he is still around her at times, loving her fully.

Another ‘Wisdom Nugget’ I learned from personal experience, “Be True to Yourself!”

The biggest turning point for me was my path of really getting on the court and really seeing myself as a successful Business Owner, not a Hobby Owner. I continued to invest in myself, my own Coaches, programs, training and DECIDE to play full out. When you decide and take massive action, people, circumstances and opportunities show up.

It is all about leaning into your fear, which is an acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Fear in this case is an illusion. It is not about doing anything dangerous like hanging out on a ledge! I love the acronym I now use “Feeling Excited and Ready” because that is where your real growth and success happens. I had to be willing to become the person I wanted to be before success showed up in my life. This takes courage, bold action and persistence to stay the course when the waters get rough. With intention, attention, massive action and your values, mission and vision clearly defined, there is a no stop attitude and mindset that goes into gear. Remember Shiny Objects will show up along the way, so you will have to be crystal clear on what you want to create in your life and do the work, to live the life you love to live!

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” ~ Tony Robbins

Throughout my life journey and being a Serial Entrepreneur for 25 years, I learned how to honor myself and take full responsibility and accountability for my life and business. When things are not working or I feel stuck, I know it is not the ‘out there problem’ syndrome or someone else’s fault. When problems, obstacles and crap shows up, I now re-frame them as an opportunity for me to really grow, learn and expand my own way of being and consciousness.

I have also learned not to compare myself to others. I teach this and it is important for me to walk my talk. The last year in particular I invested in so many programs and created my business around a model that was working for someone else. I was a “square peg trying to fit into a round hole” (I think this is the saying!) I learned this does not work and shifted back to creating the full expression of my passion, purpose and prosperity and the women I love to serve.

We are each unique and only YOU can show up with your unique gifts and talents. It is your life experience and all the bumps, ups and downs along the way that makes you the unique and special YOU! Be kind to YOU and love YOU and know that by going within and quieting the mind, you can begin to breathe and let go of what you do not want in your life any more. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, love you for YOU and get rid of the nay-sayers or people who want you to play small and safe. They do not want you to play BIG because they might feel that they have to do this.

Guess what? Where you are right now is perfect because all the choices, training, people, circumstances in your life brought you to NOW. The Present is a Gift for you to choose what you want to keep, clear out and de-clutter in your life and what you want to create in your life.

I created the VIP Women Visionaries™ to start a movement of “conscious” heart centered women to share their unique voice and message and create a snowball effect. They are change agents, thought leaders, visionaries who are stepping up boldly as leaders and making a difference in the world.

If you would like to join our community and find out about our up-coming Retreats, Coaching, Mentorship and Workshops, please go to www.successbreakthrough and come play with us in a BIG WAY!

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.” Tony Robbins

If you would like a FREE Breakthrough Discovery Session, Sign Up

If you already know you are ready to finally BREAKTHROUGH to your full potential and create the life you love to live I invite you to fill out the form at:

I offer Breakthrough Coaching Programs beginning at 1 month; 3 months; 6 months to a 10 month Program. Designed for you to breakthrough what is holding you back, get crystal clear on what you want and get results in all areas of your life: Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and Financially.

To Your Passion, Purpose & Prosperity

Much love

Friday Fabulous Female Tess Vergara

Friday Fabulous Female Tess Vergara

TessToday I’d love you to meet Tess Vergara. Here’s her story:
My greatest strength and accomplishment in life was in raising my 2 daughters single-handedly. I separated from their Dad at first sign of physical abuse towards our then 2-year old first born, literally after giving birth to our second. Without financial support from their father, I happily worked 2 jobs to give my daughters a great life. I was an ambitious, driven and determined single mom (still am!) who worked nonstop… but it took a toll on me, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I didn’t realize how exhausted and depleted I was. And that’s how I got into coaching. I was my first client. And its the best investment I’ve ever gifted myself. I was in a state of confusion… and pain… not physical pain… but a yearning for something more… As I journeyed inward… digging, weeding, clearing antiquated beliefs that no longer served me, I experienced a lightness of being each time a layer was peeled. It felt so good and so liberating. The transformational shifts I experienced thru self-love and empowerment, breaking free of the box I unconsciously built for myself, is a process I want to share with you. This coming home to YOU… call it self-actualization, personal development or spiritual path… is a journey I love to facilitate. It is my desire to bridge the gap from where you now to where you want to be… to realize and manifest whatever it is you truly want… empowered and awakened to your full potential and limitless possibilities.

Like a Horse with Blinders On I led a very solitary life whose sole purpose is to be both mother and father to my 2 daughters, now 19 and 17 (2013). Like a horse with blinders on, my focus was very limited and almost self-serving. Work, kids, work, kids, work, kids… With all my family left behind in Canada, I raised my girls alone with no monetary nor familial support. I was so very blessed to have attracted in my life wonderful employers who understood and supported me. I took my girls with me to work, to various clients and when technology later allowed it, I took work home and logged in remotely. I lived for the week-ends where the girls and I can go someplace fun and exciting. I took parenting very seriously. Tough love and all that…

I heard a snap from somewhere in my body…
A certain sadness grew naturally with my raising the kids alone for 15 years… but looking back, it was the arson, death and betrayal, all separate incidents, all in one year, that broke the camel’s back. See, I was still carrying on, acting strong and putting out fires, when I should have been grieving and processing my emotions. Fate intervened. I broke my knee in a ski accident same year at Christmas. I fell on my back after a loud snap from somewhere in my body. I prayed so hard “ please, Lord, not yet. I just need a little time to get my affairs in order and make final instructions”. I remember counting my blessings as I looked around at nature’s splendor while I lay immobilized on the snow, waiting for help, feeling lucky to be alive. Then I thought to myself, “geez, I should have been more dare-devilish! Would have made the injury worthwhile!”

An eye-opener
Determined to walk on high heels again and get my strut back, I took dance lessons as my rehab and soon enough I was walking and dancing and jumping and skating again!23 It was a pretty good scare and it opened up my eyes and resolved to live life to the fullest.

And then I got re-married. Who knew getting married would bring back unresolved issues from yesteryears? The slow build and depression and anxiety along with years of stress and self-neglect was a guaranteed exhaustion and burn-out. And a meltdown at work! One I am not proud of but a huge writing on the wall that my energy was drained and I was taken hostage by crazy monkey chatter. What’s worse, I had alienated everyone I love, including the handful of friends who’ve stood by me for so many years. My husband described me as a matchstick ready to flare up at slightest provocation. And it stopped me in my tracks. There were no other people left to point a finger at… but myself. What a rude awakening!

Now here I am…
Reminded that we are all called to be the salt of the earth, the light of the world… We all have a unique purpose that we have forgotten. We get so caught up with life that we forget how to live, truly, deeply, lovingly, meaningfully. It is my goal and desire to facilitate that awakening… elevate awareness, self-esteem, self-respect, self-care, self-compassion… from heartbreak to heart-and-mind fully opened… awakened to our intrinsic beauty and infinite love… empowered, emboldened, engaged.

Let me leave you with this quote from my mentor, Anthony Robbins.

“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.”
~Anthony Robbins

Let me be your guide to conscious and deliberate creation… of a fulfilling and rewarding life you deserve and desire.

You can connect with Tess at her website